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If you have been arrested for a DWI or DUI in Arkansas, you don't have time to just sit around and feel sorry for yourself. You have to take action, and you have to do so right this moment.

The very first thing you will want to do is seek out the services of a skilled Little Rock DWI defense attorney. Their knowledge and expert skills will certainly prove to be priceless inside the courtroom when you stand up before the judge and prosecutor. This is exactly why you need a skilled Arkansas  DWI Lawyer on your side to present your case to the judge or jury and protect your rights.

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No matter how well you may be operating your motor vehicle, if your Blood alcohol content is over .08% while you're driving,or if you should perform poorly on one of the field sobriety test you will be charged with driving under the influence and arrested. Even though this seems cut and dry, the simple truth is Blood alcohol content tests or how well the individual suspected of DWI performs on one of the many field sobriety test aren't always correct. Numerous external factors may influence their accuracy, and your Arkansas DWI attorney will need to examine these results to make sure they are accurate.

If you have been charged with a Arkansas DWI you will be prosecuted however that doesn't mean your guilty. The laws are complex, the penalties are severe. Don't trust your future to just any Little Rock DWI defense lawyer make sure you choose the correct DWI defense attorney that will fight for your rights and protect your future.

Most people charged with drunk driving in the State of Arkansas think they should not fight their DWI charges. They assume they are guilty because a attorney,  because they performed badly on the field sobriety test, or a police officer has said they are guilty. Many innocent individuals are led to believe they can not beat their DWI DUI charges and just plead guilty. Don't plead guilty just because you have been charged and arrested for DWI doesn't mean your guilty! The machines and the people operating them are not always right, Employ the service of one of our skilled Little Rock DWI attorneys fight your Arkansas DWI Charge.

You must also take a formidable involvement in your case by means of being familiar with Arkansas DWI laws and penalties. After all, it really is your freedom and your future which is at risk, start protecting your future today by contacting an experienced Arkansas DWI / DUI defense lawyer at Bennett and Williams.

Don't Let Your Arkansas DWI Ruin Your Life.

We will carefully evaluate your opportunities for avoiding these penalties. Depending on the facts of your case, you may have defenses against the charges that will result in dismissal, or it may be possible to get them reduced to a lesser offense like reckless driving. Contact us today to discuss your options.